Welcome to Changing River Consulting

You work in a small to medium size nonprofit. The staff and volunteers work hard daily to address needs in your community.  You think you are doing good work, but have no way to prove it. How can you know that you are making a difference?

Your nonprofit’s services have been “good enough” for a long time, but you know you need to make improvements to keep up. Where can you make changes to your services to improve quality without adding lots of extra work?

Your organization is working harder than ever. You are providing quality services to growing numbers of clients in need. You are dealing with funding cuts by asking staff and volunteers to do more work with fewer resources. How can you make the best use of the resources you have? How can you prove your effectiveness and make a case for more funding?

Changing River Consulting can help you answer all of these questions. Using accepted techniques in program evaluation, quality improvement, and change management, Changing River Consulting works with your nonprofit to measure program performance, identify places where improvement is needed, and take credit for the good work that you are doing.

Some of the tools we use include:

The Five Tier Program Evaluation Model. The Five Tier Model (Jacobs, 2003) can include needs assessment, monitoring and accountability, quality review and program clarification, outcomes measurement, and showing impact. This model is one of the best and most comprehensive ways to help programs measure their work. It is flexible and can be tailored to many timelines and budget options.

Systems Mapping. Evaluation can identify where improvement is needed, but doesn’t do a good job identifying ways to make those improvements. Using systems mapping techniques such as process flowcharts, Changing Rivers Consulting can work with your organization to identify leverage points to make noticeable improvements in organizational work at a minimum cost in time and money.

Change Management. It is one thing to identify needed changes, but another thing entirely to help staff and volunteers make the transition to new practices. Change management techniques can help bring people along to the next evolution of organizational work.

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