If I Started Blogging Today…

Today is a theme writing assignment for the 2012 WordCount Blogathon. The challenge is to reflect on what I would do differently if I started my blog today. Since I only really started adding content to my blog during this month, all I can say is I would have…

…Started sooner!

I have been an independent consultant for nearly three years now. I’ve been very fortunate to never struggle to find clients and make a good living in this time. However, now that I am getting content loaded onto the blog, attracting visitors from search engines, through Twitter and even iTunes, I know that if I had done this two years, I could have had a much better known blog, educated more small and mid-sized nonprofits on the workings of evaluation, and probably met some great clients to work with.

No point in dwelling on all that, though. I am thrilled that the Blogathon has pushed me to post every day and make up for some lost time. I am also excited about how far the site has already come and where I will take it in the near future. I hope you will join me, either by checking the site frequently, or subscribing through Feedburner or email using the boxes on the right side of this page.

photo by: Tim J Keegan

3 thoughts on “If I Started Blogging Today…”

  1. Hi Maria,

    I’d say the same thing! I wish I would’ve started sooner too.

    Where can I find more information about the 2012 WordCount Blogathon?

    Thanks, Ann

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