Story By Numbers Episode 3, Part 2

Today’s Story By Numbers Podcast was so incredibly awesome, we had to split it up into two files. Part 1 is available here and in iTunes.

This week, Ruth and I interviewed Mary Brown of Lee Alexander Consulting. Mary specializes in innovation and design thinking, which are both areas that many nonprofits can benefit from exploring.

In Part 2, we talk about:

  • Getting the Unusual Suspects involved in your organization’s storytelling.
  • Flipping storytelling on its head by making it about the people you serve.
  • Contests as the low hanging fruit of innovation.

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One thought on “Story By Numbers Episode 3, Part 2”

  1. As a proud member of the Gen-Y group 🙂 I like the idea of having a mechanism for feedback internally to create a culture that doesn’t just look at what went wrong and what went right…what are those ideas to keep things fresh and how can you help to get the organization there?

    It is impossible to meet with everyone to get their feedback and input on an array of topics, but creating online platforms, (as well as other methods of communication) seem to be key to engaging staff outside of their traditional roles, even if the ideas are not so innovative, I want to hear them!

    I will be working on a project that needs some innovation, related to this area, and I like the idea of starting within and getting everyone on board, janitors, program staff, C-teams, I’m ready to jump in…now all I need to do is nail down a strategy and a plan of action!

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