The DataViz Extravaganza, Part 1

This week’s Story By Numbers podcast is so awesome, Ruth and I split it into two parts. This post includes Part 1. Part 2 is available here: The DataViz Extravaganza, Part 2.

For this episode of Story By Numbers, we are honored to have Johanna Morariu and Ann Emery of Innovation Network as our guests. We had a wonderful discussion about Data Visualization – DataViz for you cool kids.

This is a huge topic, and it can be intimidating if you’re unfamiliar with the language, but Johanna and Ann reframed the issues in user friendly terms. Some of the major topics covered in Part 1 include:

  1. What is DataViz? Any method of putting data into a visual form can be considered DataViz, from the humble pie chart to complex infographics.
  2. How do I decide what type of chart to use? Just switching your default from a pie chart to a bar chart is good first step. For complex data, Johanna shared her favorite web resources:

To hear Part 2, be sure to come back Thursday or subscribe in iTunes.